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Just the Facts Pro Research Blocks

Do you have a particular goal you need help with in your own research but don’t need a whole Family tree package? Maybe you want to get started and the full packages aren’t in the budget right now? That’s completely fine – we’re happy to help on an hourly basis as well, searching for a missing ancestor that you’re stuck on in your own research or getting a few generations set up for you so you can continue slowly when it suits you – whatever you need, we’re delighted to help in any way we can!

We offer blocks of research time in multiples of 3 hours, and you can purchase as few or as many as you like, whenever you like. We work on the goals you set, giving you a detailed breakdown of the time we spend, and when your time is running short we’ll let you know so you can decide whether you want to extend your search, or if you’re happy with what we’ve found for you.

You simply choose the block of hours you’d like to start with, and you can get started right online!

You’ll find more details of our Just the Facts Research Blocks in the  tabs below.

If you're working on your own genealogical research and hit a brick wall, it helps to have someone to call to take over for a while, and we're here to be that resource for you! We can work on short pieces of your Family Tree, or we can work on your full Family History in blocks of time that fit into a budget more easily. Just pick up a Research Block whenever you need us, and we're ready to go!

All of our work will be delivered to you in a concise, well laid out report that can be added to other research or to a Journal whenever you like.

Refunds & Expirations

***Refunds and credit transfers are not permitted on any of our packages once we have begun work, as our time is reserved for you and cannot be double booked. In the event that you have purchased a Research Block and have time remaining when we have completed your designated goal, you are welcome to either expand your search parameters to use the remaining time, or keep the remaining time credit on your account for future use.

***Your Research Block time credit does not expire, so rest assured you may use it at any time.

***Packages and Research Blocks are non-transferable once work has started on a project. If we are unable to find traces of ancestors designated for research, we may recommend modifying the goals you have set for a package, at no additional charge. Any time an additional charge may be incurred due to the scope of a project, we will discuss the specifics with you for approval before moving forward.

***Custom Circle Charts are non-refundable. If you would like to purchase one as a gift and have it shipped directly to the recipient, we will include a card from you with a gift message of your choosing in the package. Once you have purchased the Chart online,  we’ll email you a link to a form  to complete with your generational information and the lineage option you’re interested in. You are always welcome to give us a call with any questions or special instructions.

***Bespoke Journals and Keepsake Boxes are refundable for 30 days from the commencement of our research work, or until the work on the Journal or Keepsake Box has begun, whichever date is earlier. Once we have begun research, layout and printing of the history and documentation we discover will begin as well, so we are unable to make changes to the final report delivery options.

We work very hard to make sure you are satisfied with both the work we do for you and your experience in dealing with us, and we take our commitment to your project very seriously. However, due to the nature of historical documentation and the possible lack of archival materials, we do not, under any circumstance, guarantee results other than to report everything we are able to find to you during the course of the project. By purchasing any of our packages, custom projects or add-on products, you agree to hold us harmless for the results of our research as well as in the event that some parts of your family history may not be recoverable. Please see our Terms of Service Agreement for details of our policies.

You can always reach out to us if you have questions or concerns – we’re here to make sure your experience in researching your ancestry is a wonderful one!

Shipping and Delivery

We’re delighted to provide free shipping of your completed ancestry reports, along with any add-ons you’ve purchased, to anywhere in the US or Western Europe. We’ll contact you with shipping costs before beginning your project if you are located anywhere else in the world.

Shipping for the Custom Circle Charts is also free unless you’ve asked us to ship the piece in a frame. We’ll contact you with the shipping cost for the piece with the frame if you prefer to have it framed by us.

Delivery for all Package reports, custom Journals and Keepsake boxes will take place when the project is completed and paid in full. Delivery for the Circle Charts typically takes 5 – 10 business days from the day we receive your completed generations to include in the chart.

All products must be paid in full before we are able to ship any completed work out.